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Recognize any of these thoughts…?

  • I'm just not good with money.
  • I'm not from a rich family, I'm just average.
  • I'm not smart/pretty/educated enough to be rich.
  • I think I reached the limit of my earning potential.
  • Money isn't that important to me, I just want to help people.
  • I have a good life, I should just be happy with that.
  • I've never been good with numbers.

Good News!

With the right tools, simple systems and some accountability you can learn to reprogram your money mindset, take control of your finances and achieve financial freedom in your life!

Are you ready to get started?

What Others Say

Thank you so much for our one on one call. You have helped me tremendously, I was feeling very scattered and unfocused about my business goals and money, and the yearly figure and goal break down really helped to put things into perspective. You are worth your weight in gold! I now have the vision on how to move forward and take things one step at a time towards my business goals thanks to you. You helped me remember that my income doesn’t define my self-worth and reignite my confidence in “getting out there” and making forward steps to wealth no matter how small. Thank you so much!

TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Just by reading the question I felt more enabled/possible!!! Thank you very much. Sure thing, I will definitely create the voice recording on my phone and make a habit to listen to it three times a day, in the morning, in the afternoon and before I go to sleep. This has been very helpful, Thank you Orsolya!

"Thank you this has been so eye opening, I did have an old money story, I've come a long way and I hadn't notice, in the start of this 7 Day MMM I had faced them all, I know where my money goes, I have started a investment account and working on the others, I still have more work to do, just wanted to thank you for putting this out there!"

- Kirston

I liked Orsolya's flexible approach. We ended up working on something completely different than what we started out on, as a result I have the best relationship that i ever had with my partner now and have also secured my first real estate deal! Thank you Orsolya.

What I learnt the most is that you can live the life you desire! All you have to do is set goals that inspire you and break them into small targets then work towards them. Since I have applied this I've been getting a lot more out of my life than ever before!

"Very insightful, Thank you!"

- Simone